Cohort gives you and your Marketing the ability to drive campaigns without deep technical skills.

Pages can be created in a flash and internal change requests actioned quickly, by you and your marketing team. It’s fully scalable, over time build your module list and create an ever growing powerful tool that helps you deliver to your Business’s Goals.

What is Cohort?

Simply put Cohort is a set of CMS tools, powered by WordPress, using the familiar WordPress interface that powers 77% of the Web.

We’ve pulled from our many years of client experience to create a CMS that allows a completely bespoke management experience for each project whilst also solving shared issues and client gripes.

Is just a theme with a page builder? No - We’ve developed Cohort as the opposite to off the shelf, one size fits all themes bundled with Page Builders, multiple plugins that quickly become hard to maintain and generally perform poorly.

  • Powerful Custom Marketing Tool

  • Complete Control

  • Scalable Modular System

  • Custom User Interface

  • Security Focused

  • Support & Training Videos

Cohort Features

What can I do with it?

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    Make pages quickly with a custom URL using your branded modules

    Need a new web page in a hurry? You can build it yourself using Cohort. Selecting from content blocks designed in your brand style, a new page can manifest in minutes, no developers needed.

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    Create multiple variations of the same page for PPC A/B testing

    As a marketer, you always want to put your best foot forward. Creating multiple variations of the pages means that their performance can be pitted against one another so you can monitor what works with your web visitors and refine them.

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    Add/Edit news or blogs, case study content, or products

    Content is king, and with Cohort you can easily upload and edit content, keeping your site current and those organic rankings performing.

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    Collect leads and push to the CRM of your choice

    Manage your leads your way with Cohort by collecting your chosen data and sending it through to a CRM of your choice.

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    Track goals and conversion points

    Rest assured that your website is delivering your marketing goals by implementing tracking across the site and measuring conversion points.


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